Outboard Motor Transporter and Cradle
Manufactured by PKS Fabrications
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Release locking pin, slide back trolley.


Lift trolley away from cradle


Wheel trolley to boat. To reload, simply reverse procedure.

As featured on The New Inventors television show, ABC Australia.

Outboard motors are heavy and very hard to manoeuvre... but EZYGO takes the effort out of transporting and storing your outboard motor from vehicle to boat and vice versa.

With its cradle for easy storing, the motor is attached to the trolley (which slides out from the cradle) and is simply wheeled to your boat.

Made from stainless steel with non-corrosive parts, the cradle and trolley weigh only 23kg. EZYGO will fit longer tailgates such as dual-cabs, tray backs, utes etc. aswell as station wagons such as patrols, land cruisers etc. Both sizes of EZYGO will also fit across the A-frame of a camper or caravan. EZYGO is manufactured in two different sizes. View EZYGO specs here.

Suitable for 2 stroke motors, from 10hp-25hp.

Also suitable for 4 stroke moters up to 15 hp.

Can be located in the back of a vehicle, or across the A frame of a camper trailer/caravan.

EZYGO is free standing with the motor when not in use.